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Dear visitor. This page is a resume of our danish site. 

Hjortekær Tennisklub has 8 outdoor clay courts, they are in high quality and are on two adresses. The courts are in attractive surroundings . The club house and 5 courts are on Ravnholmvej 21,  in Lundtofte and 3 courts  in the small akacia forrest on Bjælkevangen in Hjortekær – 500m apart and both in Kongens Lyngby. 
Hjortekær Tennisklub is a medium sized club and we focus on tennis players having tennis as their priority in getting fit and having a great time playing tennis, with attractive fellow members. Training is provided at all levels, new beginners, turnament players, and families  and the club try to accomodate and provide good offers for all types at all ages. The coaches have skils in prevailing languages. We have several teams participating in team tournaments in coorporation with danish tennis associations. 
If you would like to know more, you might have some questions, please feel free to contact anyone from the Board by email or phone, to get your questions answered. You can also just write to then you will get the answer from the appropriate person in a short time. You can also be guided on how to be come a member here: Bliv_medlem_nu and start playing. 
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Hjortekær tennisklub